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drinking herbal tea
Woman feeling depressed
My intention for this eBook is to help women who suffer from fatigue and lack the energy to go about their daily activities with ease and joy.  
This book will guide you in deciding what lifestyle changes you may want to make and give you clarity on your triggers for fatigue, which are different for every woman.  
The self-help options mentioned in this book don’t need a prescription drug, and may encompass things like stress reduction, dietary changes, or changes to your home environment. 

Welcome to Health Unlimited! 

I am Meri Jo Bierig, and as a Whole Health Educator™, I believe in the healing power of YOU…Our health care system today continues to go through many changes. Many of you have had the experience of having your healthcare provider spend 15 minutes listening to your concerns and have the solution proposed be nothing more than another prescription drug.
My mission is to listen to your concerns, and together we will come up with a plan to educate you on the aspects of your health or illness that you need to achieve vibrant health! 
Together we will uncover the missing pieces of your health care puzzle. 
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