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What clients say about my service

Sandra G., Sterling, MA

"I have spent several years researching and trying different methods to help my digestive issues. In the past, I have visited 3 gastro-enterolgists and they all could not find the source of my problem. Needless to say, I also went through a variety of tests, time, medications and money; however, nothing seemed to work.

I had been a bit skeptical about going to visit with Meri Jo, but thanks to her Nutrition Response testing, I am finally seeing success. Her methods are very non-evasive and thorough. I started seeing results after the first week of being on the supplements and making the changes (that she suggested) to my diet.  I even lost 8 lbs.!

Needless to say, I am sticking with her program. I can now eat the foods that I had been avoiding for years and my digestive problems are becoming manageable.

I would highly recommend Meri Jo to anyone who is having health issues. She is honest,  caring and will work with you to find supplements and methods to help you. One of the best decisions (to visit her) I have ever made! She has made a huge difference in my life!"

Sandra G., Sterling, MA

"I have been working with Meri Jo for several months, concerning health issues that were becoming debilitating for me. Meri Jo set me on a path of recovery for my adrenal system. She helped me with supplements and diet. I now have a better understanding of my body and how it works. 

I must say Meri Jo is the “Real McCoy”! She will research your issues and provide written information which I found very helpful.

I received some energy work services from her as well and was amazed at the results. I will continue this and enjoy the benefits that I receive from it. 

I recommend her highly and know you will be satisfied with the results that she can help

you to achieve." 

Donna D.

Holden, MA

“When I first came to Health Unlimited, I was concerned with balancing my hormones, excess weight, thinning hair, and mental fogginess. Since my three month period, I’ve seen significant progress, such as weight loss, thinning of facial hair, and a reduction in scalp hair loss. Also, the moon on one of my thumbs is reappearing, and the ability to focus and organize my thoughts are but a few of the milestones. 

Meri Jo has a calming and gentle way of guiding and making sure you’re on the path to where you desire to be, health-wise. As a client, I’m grateful and optimistic as to what new progress will occur in the next three to six months. “

R. Lopez

Worcester, Ma.

"Meri Jo played a key role in helping me get back on track with my eating habits and helped me focus in on some key health issues. She was sensitive to my particular needs at the time on all levels, and helped me find the information and resources I needed. The telephone check-ins were extremely helpful as well. It was very empowering to have Meri Jo in my corner. I had three sessions with Meri Jo, and plan to return soon as I know I need the resources and reinforcement she can provide.  In the meantime, I'm going through this tempting Halloween season armed with a reboot of my diet, have less cravings, and feel much more motivated and in control of what I put in my body. Meri Jo helped me make better choices stick, and I'm grateful to her." 

Joyce C.

Worcester, Ma.

"For over a span of twenty years I worked with my doctor to manage my allergies and gastrointestinal issues. Stomach issues went hand in hand with the allergies, as post nasal drip led to excess acid. As I got into my mid thirties, I noticed that my digestive problems were getting worse and the list of symptoms were getting longer. After eliminating causes like celiac, ulcers, and gall stones, I felt like I had run out of options with my doctor. That's what brought me to Meri Jo. 

To get started, Meri Jo and I discussed my diet and current symptoms. On our first meeting, Meri Jo made recommendations on diet changes and my supplement regime. Within days of incorporating the changes my sinus symptoms cleared up.  It turned out I'd been living with a dairy allergy. Over the next month I found relief from my other digestive issues.  Eight weeks into this now and I must say I'm thrilled with the results so far. I just can't thank Meri Jo enough for her help."

William H.

Stow, MA

“I came to see Meri Jo seven months ago because I was struggling to lose weight, often tired in the afternoons, and just plain frustrated with lack of energy. I wanted to lose the 30 pounds that I had gained over 7 years so we began looking at my diet. She taught me what I needed to stay away from and what I should replace it with. We started supplements to help with the tired feelings and within weeks I started to have more energy allowing myself to start walking again. I am so pleased we will continue on my journey to achieving my weight goals. I'm 1/3 of the way there and my husband is starting to notice. Now he wants to get started!

Thanks Meri Jo for all your support and help!”  Pamela G,

Dudley, MA. 

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