Holistic Health Consultation in Sterling, MA

Have you been going to doctors and specialists and still having health issues?

Are you searching for someone to help you make sense of your symptoms,
and help you connect the dots?

Are you ready to try a holistic approach to feel better?

I’m Meri Jo Bierig, and I’m a Certified Whole Health Educator ™ and Licensed Social Worker.

I have 12 years of experience in holistic health counseling, and I’m skilled at helping clients find the root cause of their symptoms.  Programs can include in-depth nutrition counseling, exploring emotional issues and stress, and looking at the environment in which we live. I guide you in coming up with a plan for evidence-based self-care options and motivate you to accomplish your health goals. 


Although my holistic health programs can help a client manage any chronic disease, my favorite cases are the more challenging ones. My gift is that I’m able to bring clarity to clients who are confused about what is causing their health issues.

What to expect from a health consultation session


I do a thorough intake and take the time to listen to what is going on in the client’s life. Many clients have an idea of what’s causing their symptoms, but no one has asked for their opinion!  My experience is that nutrition and stress management appears to be the area most overlooked by other health care providers.  

I take the time to teach clients how the body functions and how the body systems are interrelated. Often when clients understand they are more willing to make lifestyle changes. My favorite thing to teach clients is how the stress response works in the body. 

My Sterling, Massachusetts office provides a calm and relaxing environment for clients to explore their health issues. 

I prefer in-person visits but have worked with clients by phone or Zoom. Occasionally I will meet a client at a holistic health center if they’re unable to travel to Sterling. 

Additional holistic services


I provide energy healing services to clients as well and have some clients that come just for this service. The energy work comes from the Mayan tradition, and it’s a hands-on healing method that works on physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. You can learn more on the Holistic Services page.

Feel better by implementing small changes in your diet, home environment, and the way you manage stress. 

Free Ebook on Adrenal Fatigue

Location: 26 Shamrock Way, Sterling, MA 01564, Phone: (978) 833-3530

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