Holistic Health Consultation in Sterling, MA

Do you have one or more health conditions that won’t go away?

Have you visited doctors or even alternative practitioners, but the results weren’t what you expected? 

Are your health conditions getting in the way of your career or personal life? 

I’m Meri Jo Bierig, and I’m a Certified Whole Health Educator ™, Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner, and herbalist.  I have 12 years of experience in holistic health counseling, and I’m skilled at helping clients find the root cause of their symptoms.


I understand you and what you’re going through. I suffered from health issues for many years, and know the frustration of spending thousands of dollars on expensive supplements that don’t work. I tried various diets that weren’t right for me and saw one holistic practitioner after another hoping that they would supply the missing link. 

My gift is to be able to zero in on underlying causes of health issues and help you restore your health without drugs.  I invite you to read my bio so that you understand the process I went through that lead me to get trained in several body technologies that I’ll explain below. With these technologies, we’re able to determine which of the body’s glands or organs are stressed, and what nutritional supplements and lifestyle change your body needs to heal and repair.  And yes, without drugs! 

Clients appreciate my calm and gentle way of guiding them on their path to wellness.  I have a thorough approach leaving no stone unturned in finding out the causes of your health issues. My initial assessment uncovers issues around stress levels and emotions, environment, and nutrition.

Because of the current challenging health crisis, my mission is to increase awareness of the importance of a robust immune system and improved health. We can no longer ignore our health and general well being. I want to make my services available to as many people as possible and help them regain their health. 


Here is a summary of the services I offer. Please see the Services Page for a more lengthy description. 

Heart Rate Variability Test

Clients love this test, as it provides information on heart function, as well as the status of the immune and digestive systems. We can see how much reserve your immune system has to recover from illness. We then compare your results as you go through the program and chart your improvement on a graph. This test provides me with feedback on whether the whole food nutrition and lifestyle changes I recommend are effective.   

Nutrition Response Testing®

This is a non-invasive, advanced form of muscle testing that helps me communicate with your body to identify stressed organs and glands.  Once we identify a stressed body part, we then use whole food supplements, herbs, and homeopathy to help support the organs in need. 

Holistic Health Counseling 


You and I decide on the content based on your individual needs. Topics can include nutrition, stress management techniques, eliminating environmental toxins, developing a spiritual practice, and information on how to manage specific health conditions. Counseling on nutrition or lifestyle changes can be done in person or via a telephone call.  

Energy Healing Services 


Energy healing services work beautifully to complement Nutrition Response Testing and counseling.  Some clients come just for this service. The energy work comes from the Mayan tradition, and it’s a hands-on healing method that works on physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Energy healing visits are in person, but a “long-distance” healing session is possible if the client cannot make it into the office.

Whole food supplements, herbs, and homeopathy 


I seek to provide the best quality whole food supplements currently on the market.  These are derived from organic foods and contain all the constituents of the vitamin, not just a manufactured synthetic fraction of it.   

My Sterling, Massachusetts office provides a calm and relaxing environment for clients to resolve their health issues. 

Free Ebook on Adrenal Fatigue

Feel better by implementing small changes in your diet, home environment, and the way you manage stress. 

Location: 26 Shamrock Way, Sterling, MA 01564, Phone: (978) 833-3530

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