About Meri Jo

My study of natural therapies began in 1994 when I experienced food and environmental allergies, Candida, and chemical sensitivities. During this time my children were ages three and six, so it was not an ideal time to be dealing with health issues.

I believe that my health problems came about from being on antibiotics for twenty plus years, for cystic acne.  These drugs left their mark on my digestion and gut health. My medical doctor told me that I had the beginnings of an autoimmune disease and would probably never regain my health.  I remember feelings of hopelessness, as various doctors offered me no viable solutions.  

I knew I could not give up and began researching and experiencing many holistic therapies to get well. I tried acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, massage, meditation, yoga, and various forms of energy healing.  I learned the healing power of nutrition and the importance of the mind-body connection. As my health slowly improved, I was convinced that natural therapies could be integrated with traditional health care practices.

I loved researching health care issues and became a source of information for my friends and family. This trying time in my life became the foundation for the future business I was to create.  

I believe in our traditional health care system, but feel it is best for acute care like hip replacements, broken bones, and prescribing drugs when lifestyle changes aren’t enough. Traditional health care is not helpful for finding the root cause of an illness, or prescribing lifestyle changes like better nutrition and stress reduction that can have big impacts on our health.  

I feel called to help busy women with their health issues, so that they can benefit from the research that’s taken me years to do.  I understand the dynamics of how and why women can be programmed to take care of everyone other than themselves and encourage my clients to take time for self-care and make their needs a priority.  

​I am grateful to the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) for turning my passion for health research into a career. I completed my studies there in 2006, and recently completed my re-certification as a Whole Health Educator™.   

My mission is to provide a calm, relaxed, and caring space for women to reflect on the causes of their health issues.  I practice functional medicine, and together we explore The Five Aspects of Whole Health: the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual™©causes of a health problem.  At times I feel like a medical detective, helping women connect the dots between their various symptoms and their current health status.   

As for my personal life, I’m happiest when I’m in the great outdoors hiking, biking on the rail trails, walking, or being around animals of all kinds.   I love gardening and have a green thumb when it comes to flowers and houseplants.  The activities that replenish me include yoga, meditation, reading historical novels and keeping up on current events. Last but not least, I am the mother of two grown children who live and work in the Boston area.  

Wishing you vibrant health, 

Meri Jo 

Location: 26 Shamrock Way, Sterling, MA 01564, Phone: (978) 833-3530

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