About Meri Jo

My health journey began at the age of twelve, when I developed cystic acne.  At that time, the standard treatment for acne was antibiotic therapy.  Unfortunately, this condition followed me into adulthood keeping me on and off antibiotics for twenty-three years. 

In 1994, as the mother of two young children, I experienced a health crisis.  Due to a candida yeast infection, I suffered from food and environmental allergies, and chemical sensitivities.  Inflammation at times caused my extremities to turn purple, and I was always cold.  Seeking direction and help from the medical profession, I was shocked when my doctor told me that I had an auto-immune disease and might never regain my health. I felt hopeless. 

My intuition told me not to give up, and I began seeking out holistic modalities.  During the next ten years my health significantly improved after including these therapies as needed: acupuncture, yoga, craniosacral, massage, meditation, and energy healing. 

By 2006 I had completed a certification as a Whole Health Educator ™, as well as an herbal apprenticeship. I had a small holistic practice that educated clients on nutrition, stress management, body function, and environmental factors that influence health.  I continued to do health counseling in various settings for the next eleven years. 


For all my education and effort, I was still experiencing annoying symptoms that interfered in my ability to enjoy life fully.  Food intolerances made it challenging to eat out.  Seasonal allergies would make me foggy and tired.  I had constant ringing in my ears, and stress incontinence made it difficult to take long walks.  My energy level fluctuated, making it impossible to plan for the day ahead. 

I asked myself why I still had unresolved issues after all these years.  I believed that the supplements and protocols I was given weren’t individualized enough for my particular body.  The care I received was fragmented, expensive, and time-consuming.  The practitioners I had seen up until now were not able to identify the root cause of my health issues!


In November 2017, my good fortune led me to experience Nutrition Response Testing®.  Although I was apprehensive, something told me to continue.  Improvements in my health were slow at first. Then after about six weeks, I began to see noticeable differences.  I realized I had finally found something that worked!


Through Nutrition Response Testing, I learned that there were hidden stressors like chemicals and heavy metals that negatively affected my immune system. These were the underlying causes of my numerous health issues. Identification of these stressors is what makes Nutrition Response Testing a unique body technology, and what enabled me to achieve significant improvement in my health.


Two years as a Nutrition Response Testing client have brought many remarkable changes.  Foods are easier to tolerate making parties and eating out more enjoyable. My energy levels have increased due to improved digestion and better sleep.  Spring is enjoyable now in the absence of allergies.  The ringing in my ears has lessened considerably. 


Because this technology significantly improved my quality of life,  I decided to become a trained Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner so that I could help those suffering from similar unresolved health issues. 


Wishing you vibrant health,


Meri Jo Bierig