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Supporting Your Immunity This Winter

These natural remedies summarize the information I’ve learned from functional medicine practitioners and the National Institutes of Health. Use your intuition and good sense to create the best protocol for you and your loved ones. Our immune systems will be better equipped to handle this threat if given the right tools!

First, stay in touch with your primary care physician’s office every step of the way. These natural remedies are not meant to substitute medical care but to complement it.

Fever Benefits: Fever is your immune response to the infection, and fever helps fight infection by slowing down the rate of viral reproduction. Allow the fever to work its magic, and talk to your doctor if you're concerned. Ensure you have a working thermometer in your home at the start of the cold and flu season.

Nutrition is important: Avoid sugary foods, including juices and soda. A teaspoon of sugar can decrease white blood cell activity for up to three hours. Eliminate processed and high-carb foods that take a lot of energy for your body to digest. Avoid dairy products as they increase mucous in the digestive and respiratory systems. Eat 5-7 servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits daily to provide beneficial flavonoids. Stick with low-sugar fruits like lemon, lime, berries, and granny smith apples.

Honey and herbal teas: We recommend having Manuka or other raw honey on hand to soothe the throat. Honey outperforms over-the-counter cough suppressants without side effects! It can also be added to a hot drink or lemon water to sweeten (use as much lemon as possible). We use various flavors of Traditional Medicinal or Yogi teas for a comforting drink.

Vitamins and Minerals: It’s best to knock out viruses before they can replicate in the cells. It may surprise you that some of our most potent anti-virals are vitamins A, C, and D and minerals like zinc. Consult your holistic practitioner regarding the best immune support products, as we have several combination formulas that affect multiple body systems involved in the immune response.

Zinc supplements: We don't recommend taking large amounts of zinc for various reasons. The formulas I recommend contain close to the normal daily dose of zinc, which is 11 mg for men and 8 mg for women. Some sources recommend taking higher levels of 40 mg per day while you have a virus. There can be contraindications with pregnancy, antibiotics, and birth control pills. Some experience digestive issues with high levels of zinc. So, the key is to stay close to the recommended daily dose and take zinc as part of a balanced immune formula.

Homeopathics: these are great for everyone and perfect for those on medications or pregnant. Cold Calm, by Bioron, is a multi-symptom cold relief. Oscillococcinum, also by Boiron, is great to take at the first sign of flu.

XLear Nasal Spray: contains xylitol and grapefruit seed extract that treats sinus pressure and congestion, blocking viral and bacterial adhesion in the nasal passages.

Pulse oximeter: Purchase at your local pharmacy to show your pulse and oxygen level. The normal level of oxygen saturation in the lungs is 95 or above. This can be valuable information for your physician.

Neti Pot: The pot is filled with warm water and purified salt, and used as a nasal rinse twice daily. Gargling with salt water twice daily is also recommended. Salt is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. If used promptly after exposure, this rinsing keeps viruses from attaching to the nasal cells.

Breathing Exercises: Practice breathing through your diaphragm. In this type of breathing, your belly will puff out when you inhale for the count of 5, sinking into your spine when you exhale for five counts. Do this ten times, 2-3 times daily.

Pursed lip breathing: Inhale deeply and slowly, then exhale through tight lips as if you’re blowing out a candle. Blow until you have completely emptied your lungs, and you can breathe even deeper. This keeps the lungs expanded and increases your oxygen level. Do five breaths, three times daily.

Breathing to reduce stress- Four Square Breathing: Breathe in for the count of four. Hold your breath for four counts. Breathe out four counts. Hold your breath for four counts. Breathe in this for three minutes, minimum.

Thymus Tapping: This technique stimulates the immune system by creating vibrations that increase the maturation and release of white blood cells that fight infection. This includes T cells, which mature in the thymus. At least twice daily, make a fist (or use your fingers) and gently tap over your breastbone for at least three minutes.

I'm here to support you this Winter season. Be well!


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